Work with us


You think that one of your buddies may be a perfect fit for GetResponse?
Do not hestitate and recommend him or her to us and get extra money.
All you have to do is fill out the form. We will deal with the rest.

Program Regulations

Found 5k/5k info in the job ad? If you recommend a rare talent for that
particular position and they get the job, you can get PLN 5k for yourself
and PLN 5k for your mate.

Recruitment PROCESS

You’ll enjoy our multi-level recruiting process. It helps us get an in-depth
understanding of your unique qualities and gives you an insider’s view of what
it’s like to work at GetResponse. Here’s what to expect:

  • Phone interview

    We want to get to know you. So tell us why you want to become a member of our team. Then give us your toughest questions — we’ve got the answers.

  • Pre-employment task

    We need a sense of what you bring to the table. So we’ll ask you to complete a brief task. Nothing to worry about. We’ll schedule it to suit you, so you work in comfort — from home if you wish.

  • Work portfolio

    What have you done lately? Go ahead, brag about your achievements. Show us samples of your stellar work. We can’t wait to see it.

  • Office meeting

    Tell us face to face about your experience, knowledge, and successes. Got more questions? We can’t wait to answer them! You’ll meet members of your team and get insider knowledge about your future role.

  • Assessment Center

    For management jobs, we use state of the art assessment tools to find your competencies and predispositions.

  • Trial days

    Ready to experience what it’s like to work at GetResponse? We’ll schedule time for you to work side by side with future team members.